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[Shenzhen Hewitt] Congratulations to the Eighth "China • Festival" held smoothly!

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[Shenzhen Hewitt] Congratulations to the Eighth "China • Festival" held smoothly!


2017 Eighth China International Energy Conservation Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Festival Fair") will be held from August 30 to September 1, 2017 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Energy-saving emission reduction conference as China's first focus on energy-saving emission reduction "Six (low carbon industry, traffic clean, green building, service intensive, the main reduction of pollutants, renewable energy and new energy use of large-scale ) "; Designed to showcase the advanced concepts, successful models and outstanding achievements of all cities, especially the energy-saving and emission-reduction comprehensive financial model city, in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction; effectively promote new ideas and concepts in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction , Exchange and integration of new methods; comprehensively display new technologies, new products and new achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction in fields such as industry, transportation, construction, environmental protection, new energy and modern service industries, upgrade the industrial development level and promote the upgrading of industrial structure; China's energy saving industry development authority exchange and cooperation platform.

The energy conservation and emission reduction conference follows the mode of operation dominated by the government, the city as a platform, the enterprise as the main body, the market as an effective driving force, the media as an all-round linkage, and the entire society participate together. The Summit set the summit forum, academic exchange, expert consultation, technology promotion, Release, project promotion, docking negotiations, science popularization in one; the same time set up industrial energy-saving technology and equipment exhibition, environmental science and technology exhibition, building energy efficiency and green building exhibition and new energy exhibition.

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