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【Festival Expo exhibitors tracker】 Phenix - innovative technology to lead the heat pump industry

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【Festival Expo exhibitors tracker】 Phenix - innovative technology to lead the heat pump industry

【Festival Expo exhibitors tracker】 Phenix - innovative technology to lead the heat pump industry

From August 30, 2017 to September 1, 2017, as the leader of China's heat pump industry, Guangdong Fenixcz Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. made its debut at the "Eighth Expo", demonstrating the latest technology of Fenixcz in the field of energy-saving heat pump Results, ingenious craftsmanship and Seiko's products make Fenixezi much attention.

Fenixcz is an international enterprise devoted to new energy technology, energy saving and environmental protection as the enterprise's development direction, focusing on heat pump product development, production and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions. Fenixixi to energy saving and environmentally friendly new energy product research and development for the enterprise's firm appeal, extensively involved in commercial refrigeration equipment, commercial air conditioning, heat pump hot water equipment, purification equipment, automatic control equipment and many other products, comprehensively to the high-end Users provide a large number of high-end product lines and complete product applications integrated solutions.

At the exhibition site, Fennikesi independent research and development "Fenixikez air heat pump hot water unit" has become the focus of attention at the exhibition site. The product uses a number of Fennikesi independent intellectual property rights of advanced technology, at the same time with the cooling, heating, hot water three functions, to achieve a multi-functional role. At the same time, the product can recover all the condensing waste heat and save energy. The comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is up to 7.5, which is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product that can replace the traditional gas water heater and electric water heater. The heat pump industry's star products aroused strong interest of mainstream buyers at home and abroad, the show live view real machine demo buyers, professional audience can be described as an endless stream. According to the Eighth Service Section of "Fair", Finnix has already reached the cooperation intention of 7 projects through the channel of "Festival Fair", and the heads of enterprises also expressed their wishes of continuing to attend the meeting next year.

Due to the environment, energy, demand, capacity and other issues, the heat pump industry is in a new era of both challenges and opportunities. After years of development, the company has not only set a good benchmark in the industry, but also has demonstrated its unique leadership in the fierce international competition . I believe in the rapid development of the heat pump market, Fennike Zizi will go to a higher stage.

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