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[Festival Expo exhibitors tracing] Broad Group - to create a new pattern of energy-efficient building development

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[Festival Expo exhibitors tracing] Broad Group - to create a new pattern of energy-efficient building development

[Festival Expo exhibitors tracing] Broad Group - to create a new pattern of energy-efficient building development

From Aug.30 to Sep. 1, 2017, China Everbright Building Energy Conservation Co., Ltd., an expert on energy saving in buildings in China, re-appeared on the "Eighth International Fair" on behalf of Grand Group and fully demonstrated the development and construction of Grand Group in smart city construction and construction Energy-saving areas of the latest scientific and technological achievements, and we share wisdom, energy-saving new ideas.

As a subsidiary of Grand Group, COSCO Architectural Energy Saving Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, the first batch of record-setting energy service companies under the State Commission of Reform and Development and the Ministry of Finance, and a leading energy-saving service enterprise in Hunan Province. We have always been adhering to the mission of reducing energy consumption by building 80% and completely eliminating air pollution through building energy-saving renovation and air quality service. We are committed to the cause of optimizing the global environment and human survival and have won the respect of our customers and enterprises. And trust.

At this exhibition, Grand Group showedcase the latest scientific and technological achievements and one-stop energy-saving renovation services in the field of building energy conservation such as building energy-saving technology research, building energy saving and fresh air reform design, construction, investment and operation, clean room and digital energy monitoring system. Among them, the "Large-scale integrated energy-saving renovation of existing buildings" independently developed by the Grand Group has become the focus of much attention at the exhibition site. The technology can reduce building energy consumption by 50-80%, while electrostatic dust removal, high efficiency filtration and other air purification technology, indoor pm2.5 content can be controlled within 5ug / m3. Users can invest on their own, but also entrust large energy-saving companies through contract energy management mode for investment and operation. According to the eighth "Festival Fair" service team learned that the Group through the "Festival Fair," the channel has reached a cooperation intention of six projects, can be described as rewarding.

Building energy conservation is a worldwide trend and trend, and it is also an urgent requirement for China's reform and development. It is also a focal point and a hot spot for the development of China's construction industry in the 21st century. To develop energy-efficient buildings is to achieve a high degree of modernization in buildings to meet the comfort level, while achieving significant energy consumption reduction in order to achieve the purpose of saving operating costs of the building. Based on years of experience in building energy saving industry, I am sure that Everbest Group will continue to innovate and work together with its customers to jointly create a smarter and greener future.

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